About Hope Church

A United Methodist Congregation


Nestled between banks, businesses, and car dealerships, we are located in the midst of the hustle and bustle of the Carlisle Pike.

In the middle of all the noise and activity, Hope Church offers a quiet place of rest and renewal.

Christ Centeredness

Hope Church was a part of this community when the Carlisle Pike was just a dirt road and a few houses and farms.

The hometown friendly feeling of Hope Church has never left as Mechanicsburg grew over the years.

Upon entering Hope Church you will be greeted with many smiles and welcomes.

Invite your family, friends, and neighbors

The people at Hope Church "come as they are" every Sunday. Some come in blue jeans and shorts, others in suits and dresses.

We are a wonderful mix of people of all ages all seeking the will of God for daily living.

The service is a mix between contemporary and traditional worship all experienced in a upbeat and lively atmosphere.

We love to fellowship together and welcome all to join us.


Our pastor and her family bring a combination of vitality and excitement to Hope Church.

Why Hope Church?

Why not come and experience for yourself our friendliness, hospitality, and worship? Hope Church believes that following Jesus is lifegiving and fun! There is a genuine care and compassion for one another! Come and experience the joy and love!